Our team has 30+ years of e-commerce experience
We know the complete customer journey from order to delivery
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We build the most innovative e-commerce platform ever.


We don't see ourselves as a tech provider, we are your primary technical partner. We love to solve strategical, technical and operational problems.


Our platform lets you optimize and control business processes, extract business insights and increase customer satisfaction.


Our dashboard and report system lets you know everything you would ever want to know.


We have found that to successfully work with a company one must stop seeing clients as clients and instead see them as partners. We see all our clients as partners. In order to keep this vision realised we prefer working with a select few partners for which we can give our full attention.


Order Management System


Product visualisation

City Gross

Website & Order Management System


Our company timeline.

  • Plug And Trade

    January 2014

    The company was founded

    Henrik Jönsson and Patrick Redestam founded the company.

  • ByggHemma

    January 2014

    We partnered with ByggHemma

    We started working with Bygghemma while starting to build our platform.

  • Martin Nielssen

    August 2014

    Martin Nielssen joined the team

    We don't know much about Martin as he speaks Danish and we don't.

  • Alex Duetto

    October 2015

    Alex Duetto joined the team

    The pride and joy of our CEO/Barista.

  • Sova

    November 2015

    We partnered with Sova

    Sova needed a new way to visualise the different ways to combine their many articles as products ready for purchase.

  • CityGross klassiska matkasse

    December 2015

    We partnered with CityGross

    CityGross entrusted us to be their primary technology partner in their new e-commerce effort.

  • Luke Haresign

    March 2021

    Luke Haresign joined the team

    Luke comes from the UK. He drinks beer instead of coffee.

  • Coffee

Our Amazing Team

The foundation of our knowhow.

Patrick Redestam


Henrik Jönsson

Señor Developer

Christine Redestam


Martin Nielsen

Danish Developer

Luke Haresign

Squash Champion

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